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Mr. Ruben from Chile Ordered Air Flow Dryer

Name: Mr. Ruben

Country: Chile

Purchased Products: Air Flow Dryer

Purchase Quantity: One Set

Features of Carbonization Furnace: 
1. Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized, spray paint 
2. The machine body is made of 5mm thick steel plate, long service life
3. Multiple dryer pipe, the inner effective area is large, and the drying strength is large, so the material can be dried well.
4. Using hot air self-suction device, automatic feeding
5. The heat air flow is fast, the materials are fully mixed, and the drying effect is good
6. Simple structure, small footprint, easy to install and maintain
7. It can dry the wood sawdust by 40%, which reduces labor intensity compared with other dryers
8. The time that the material is exposed to the air is very short, usually the drying time is between 0.5-5s.The material has little contact with the outside world, is free from pollution, and the finished product is of good quality.
9. Furnace fuel: wood waste, waste oil, coal and other combustible fuels. A wide range of fuels can be used.

Trade method: FOB

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2020.10.18

Engineering Field: Drying wood pellets, and Carbonization

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