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Mr. Chi from Korea Ordered Product Line of Crushing, Drying and Carbonization

Name: Mr. Chi

Country: Korea

Purchased Products: Production Line of Crushing, Drying, and Carbonization

Purchase Quantity: One Set

Features of Carbonization Furnace: 
1. The machine body is made of 6mm thick steel plate, long service life
2. Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized, spray paint uniformly, machine polished smooth
3. The flue gas can be recycled, no dust and no smoke
4. The recovered flue gas can be liquefied and ignited for heating, cooking and drying machines
5. The inner volume of the furnace is 2.63 cubic meters, the charcoal output rate is 40-60%, and the finished product rate is 95%
6. New type of hoisting carbonization furnace, easy to replace the inner tank
7. The carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and it is equipped with multiple movable carbonization liners, which work continuously, and no preheating is required when replacing the carbonization liner
8. The high-temperature furnace body at 2200 degrees Celsius can meet various carbonization and sintering processes
9. Equipped with a defocusing system to strengthen the defocusing effect
11. Adopt resistive heating, graphite tube has long heating life and good heating effect
12. Even heating, effective heat insulation, equipped with the temperature measurement system
13. Can be customized continuous carbonization furnace, high output
14. Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control, and protection system, with abnormal monitoring and alarms such as over-temperature, sensor broken couple, water pressure, furnace pressure, water flow, water temperature, etc.

Trade method: FOB

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2020.6.25

Engineering Field: Crushing woods, Drying wood pellets, and Carbonization

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