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Lola from Indonesia Ordered Wood Crusher Machine

Name: Lola

Country: Indonesia

Purchased Products: Production Line of Feed Pellet Machine , Oil Press Machine, Wood Crusher Machine

Purchase Quantity: Three Sets

Features of Wood Crusher: 
1. Heightened, lengthened, and widened round log inlet
2. Lengthened, widened and thickened tree branch inlets
3. Double crushing of knife roller and hammer, high output efficiency
4. China top WuXing engine, pure copper coil, service life can reach more than 10 years
5. High temperature quenching heat treatment of hammer blades, the service life is twice that of ordinary hammer blades
6. Alloy Steel Hammer, long wear-resistant service life, high cutting efficiency
7. Optional wheels and traction device, hand jack, mobile operation anytime&anywhere
8. Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized, spray paint uniformly, machine polished smooth
9. Three optional power modes: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine
10. The machine body is made of 5mm thick steel plate, long service lifes
11. Various screen sizes are available, particle size after crushing is 3-20 mm

Trade method: CIF

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2020.4.24

Engineering Field: Feed pellet machine for raising cattle and sheep and other livestock, Oil press machine are mainly used for squeezing coconut oil

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