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Belt Dryer
Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer
The Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer is composed of conveying device, drying box, frame, air supply device, variable speed transmission device, dehumidification device, waste heat recovery device, electric control cabinet, vibrating screen and so on. There are multiple sets of stainless steel mesh belts running back and forth in the drying box, and the box body is composed of metal components with built-in thermal insulation materials. The material is sent to the mesh belt on the top layer of the drying box through the conveying device, and it rotates in opposite directions. The material falls from the upper layer to the lower layer one by one, and is discharged from the discharge port by the last layer of the mesh belt.
Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Rotary Seasoning Machine
A continuous seasoning machine is used for seasoning food in the food production process.This equipment has an inclined seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line. Equipped with a screw powder feeding device, and can stir autonomously while sprinkling the powder, so that the seasoning will not be deposited, bonded, and emptied due to different specific gravity, return to halogen, and formation.
Vertical Dryer
Drying Hopper Dryer
The Drying Hopper Dryer blows the constant high temperature wind into the drying barrel through the drying wind, and after baking the raw materials, the original moisture in the barrel is taken away to achieve the purpose of removing the moisture in the place.
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