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7 operation instructions for multifunctional wood pallet crushing machine

1、After the machine is connected to the power, check whether it is turned correctly.
2、When the machine is in use, attention should be paid to changing the tool. To make the blade extend 2-4mm from the plane of the cutter head, then tighten the bolts. If the pressure bolt thread is worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the cutter head nut. The wood crusher does not change the power and speed, and sharpens the angle of the knife, keeping the original straight line 28-30°.
3、Install the blades, the installation position of each blade should be properly positioned according to the size, keeping the length consistent.
4、After a long period of use, if the crushing particle size of the machine is found to be unsatisfactory, the blade needs to be removed and polished. The user can use the sander to keep the blade sharp.
5、Feeding should be even when feeding, to avoid the machine stuck. When feeding materials, avoid materials such as stones, nails, and other metals from entering the machine to prevent damage to the blade.
6、The multi-function wood shredder should check the machine after a period of work. Check the screws in each place for looseness and the firmness of the blade.
7、In the case of frequent use of the pulverizer, it is necessary to regularly check whether the butter at the bearing is lacking, and if there is little butter, it should be filled once.

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