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What is continuous carbonization furnace?

The continuous carbonization furnace is a kind of carbonized wood materials (particles with a volume of less than 15mm) such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant stalks, bark, etc. under high temperature conditions in the furnace for dry distillation, anaerobic carbonization and high carbonization rate Charcoal machine series equipment.

The continuous carbonization furnace adopts advanced technologies for the recovery, purification, and circular combustion of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen produced during the carbonization process. It not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the thick smoke generated by the ordinary carbonization furnace during the carbonization process, but also solves the problem of heat energy required by the charcoal machine equipment, fully achieves self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity of the equipment, economy The agricultural and forestry residues turn waste into treasure, alleviate the tension between the supply and demand of forestry resources, and make more contributions to the greening of the environment.

The flue gas generated in the carbonization process is then sprayed, cooled, purified and other processes to make the generated combustible gas undergo secondary combustion. Circulate in this way, use the heat generated by the body to burn the body, and achieve the effect of energy saving. Moreover, after the flue gas is purified in the pipeline, there is no flue gas in the production environment, which is environmentally friendly and meets the national exhaust gas exhaust standard.

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